The Final Journey

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By:  Rebeca Vilar
Tus Trucos de Belleza

This is a story that many people have experienced.The death of a loved one is hardly acceptable unless we realize that death is the only way to end to their suffering.

I remember that after we celebrate Mother's day, my grandmother began to feel something wrong, something painful is hurting her.When a person who is as strong as my grandmother would just suddenly feel that way we always think something evil had indulge her. Only to learn that it was... Cancer. A disease that has no cured.
My grandmother got this disease many years ago but she survived that moment since we were able to notice it and caught it on time. But the cancer further spread and appeared on another area of her body- her tongue. Cancer is like a thief who silently sneaks and take the very life out of you.

And we hopelessly watch as it drain the energy and life out of our grandmother. Days were full of ups and downs, we remain hopeful and my grandmother still try to be cheerful still talking to everyone. But the worst and most painful is is during her the Palliative Treatment which the pain is very excruciating for her. After a few months of struggles we sadly dismiss her. No hope for reconciliation the Doctor told us that my grandmother has 7 months to live. It was all very painful for all of us. Accepting the harsh fact is hard but in the end we try to console our selves that death is the only way to end her sufferings.

It's not fair, especially for a person who is cheerful and loving like my grandmother.  One thing i learned from her is that One should enjoy life, taste all those moments, be glad for every passing days and the people that is around you.

Rebeca's Interview:

What made you decide to join Spring of Hopes and share your story?

Rebeca: I just wanted to share my personal experience with another person that find their selves in similar situations, and give hope to those who suffer this disease, because many people experience it.

What lifelong lessons have you learned from this tough times? joyous times?

Rebeca:Mainly, that we have to enjoy the life and all the nice moments that offer us.In difficult times, to be patient, optimistic, stronger, and never lose hope.
All the moments that I could share with my grandma:)

If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would that be?

Rebeca: Anything, because I think that all the things that I´ve lived helped me a lot like a person.

What have you learned over your lifetime that you'd like to share with the younger generation?

Rebeca:That nothing is impossible, and the will and desire are the most important thing to reach it.

How do you learned from that life lesson?

Rebeca: To be stronger than ever, and to thank all the good times that we have and sometimes do not value enough

Do you feel like you missed out on opportunities to experience things you otherwise would not ever experience?

Rebeca: No, I think everyone has hard and sweet moments and this helps to form the real personality of a person.

Who is Rebeca in person?

Rebeca: I´m a simple girl, with character and and very clear ideas about what I want.I think this is really important, to know yourself to understand better all the situations and life experiences.

What is your blog all about? What made you decide to create such blog?
Rebeca: My blog is about fashion, beauty and some news of the most popular celebrities.
I wanted to create my own space, to share trends and express personal opinions about this issues.I love the fashion and my blog is dedicated to all people that love it too.

About Rebeca:

Rebeca is a friendly and pretty girl from Spain.

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